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Pathfinder Humble RPG Book Bundle

Pathfinder Core Rulebook
Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Humble Bundle is featuring an insane bundle of electronic copies of Paizo’s Pathfinder tabletop RPG books. If you’ve ever thought about getting into Pathfinder, now’s the time. Even if you already own several of the books, it’s a worthwhile deal since being able to search the books on a laptop or tablet can save time during games—and it’s a lot easier to carry a single device around than stacks of, admittedly gorgeous, hardcover rulebooks.

The bundle will be available until 2PM EST on 3/9, so take advantage of the deal ASAP.

If you are unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, here’s how it works. When you purchase a bundle, you choose what to pay and where you want various percentages of the payment to go. Part of the payment goes to Humble Bundle, part of it goes to the creators, and part of it goes to a charity. The charity for this bundle is Extra Life, which supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Here’s what you get depending on how much you decide to pay, according to the Humble Bundle page:

Pay $1 or more for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GM Screen, Player Character Folio, Digital Beginner Box, GameMastery Guide, Core Rulebook, Advanced Class Guide, and Pathfinder Adventure Path: In Hell’s Bright Shadow (Hell’s Rebels 1 of 6).

Pay $15 or more to also receive Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Campaign, Ultimate Combat, Game Bestiary 2, Pathfinder Adventure Path: Dance of the Damned (Hell’s Rebels 3 of 6), Pathfinder Society: Year of the Sky Key Scenario Mega-Pack (23 Adventures!), and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Poster Map Folio.

Pay more than the average price to for all of the above plus, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Equipment, Bestiary, Strategy Guide, Pathfinder Adventure Path: Turn of the Torrent (Hell’s Rebels 2 of 6), Pathfinder Society Scenario 7-01: Between the Lines, and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea World Guide.

That’s not all! Anyone who pays $25 or more gets the entire bundle plus the physical edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box (price does not include shipping).

After you purchase the bundle on the Humble Bundle site, you’ll need to create an account with Paizo and enter the keys that Humble Bundle Provides. You’ll then have access to all of the books. When you click on the title of a book in your list of products, Paizo’s website will “personalize” the PDF of the book with your information—your name and email address and the download date will appear at the bottom of every page. This is the only form of DRM they appear to be applying to their books. While the website works, you’ll see this:

Paizo Personalizing Message

This could take a little while. Paizo is dealing with a lot of traffic! When you click the link again, the page will reload, and you’ll see the following:

Paizo Download Should BeginThe file should begin downloading automatically. Some of the books are large, and, again, the Paizo website is dealing with a massive amount of traffic, so it could take a while. It took the core rulebook about 1.5 hours to download for me.

It’s worth the wait, though. The PDF of the core rulebook looks stunning on my Surface Pro 3’s high-resolution screen. This is an amazing deal, and as of this writing, there’s just a little more than nine days left to take advantage of it!

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