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Kickstarter Spotlight! Folklore: The Affliction

Folklore: The Affliction Banner
Folklore: The Affliction Banner

With over 1,500 backers, nearly $275 thousand pledged, and only four days to go, now is the time to check out this Kickstarter. Folklore also belongs to a rare group of projects that found funding in one day. Greenbrier Games INC is creating something special for lovers of dark fantasy and rich storytelling. Folklore: The Affliction is a cooperative dark fantasy roleplaying game for 1-5 players, and it doesn’t require a game master of any sort.

So what are some of the highlights?


Well, if you love minis, this looks like a prime choice. The base game has 68 miniatures along with whatever backers unlock during stretch goals. I should mention that they have unlocked a ton of stretch goals. If you want more miniatures, you can upgrade to the deluxe edition (128 miniatures) or the premier edition (149 miniatures). In addition to all of this, you can pile on a ton of add-ons that upgrade your miniature collection and terrain. You can add a deluxe game box (love a good game box), player mats, and so much more. The box is absolutely amazing. It’s made from White Ash hardwood, has genuine leather straps, brass symbols, multiple wells and felted separators for all your bits, and magnetic pieces to keep things from moving around. It’s great. There’s a lot of room for customization here, which I think most RPG fans find favorable.

Now that I’ve worked up excitement over the miniatures (and the box, don’t forget that box), let’s talk about the actual game.

Folklore: The Affliction is a cooperative game. I’m a sucker for a good cooperative game. We win together, we fail together, but whatever we do, it is a shared experience. I like competitive games (hi, Twilight Imperium, I’m waving at you), but cooperative ones are just more my speed. This game also adds the danger of your friends falling victim to lycanthropy, vampirism, or possession! Possession! Call the exorcist!

You don’t need a GM. The lack of a GM goes along with the cooperative thing, but it’s worth mentioning on its own. If you’re like me, you have a weekly gaming session with friends. Well, sometimes things come up. Maybe the DM can’t make it, or a few too many people dropped out to justify a session. This game is a perfect substitute for the people who did show up. So you can still have your weekly adventure!


Campaign play! Has your group ever wanted to play an RPG but nobody was stepping up to GM? I’ve dealt with this, and board games were a great substitute. At the time, something like this would have been amazing. Campaign-style play allows you to carry over your characters and build on what you’ve been doing. Combine that with the story choices you can make, and it looks as if you’ll find this to be an ongoing immersive experience!

Life after death! But you’re still dead! But you can play as a ghost! Essentially, you die. In most games, that’s a bummer. In this game, you come back to fight against the evil using new ethereal powers. Pretty sweet deal.

There are a bunch of features I didn’t get to, but those were the ones that caught my eye. Now, this article isn’t a review. I haven’t played the game. If you want to see an advanced review, Undead Viking has one. This article is part of our Kickstarter section in which we pick Kickstarters that look cool and bring attention to them while expressing our excitement. The excitement for this one is pretty high. So check out the Kickstarter page and see what you think!

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